About Us

Modern Heavy Industries (Taicang) Co., Ltd is a world-class fabricator located in Taicang Port Development Zone, specialized in international standard structural steel used in offshore platforms, power plants, industrial plants, high-rise buildings, mining conveying equipments, and other mechanical equipments. With our advantages of close distance to the port and convenient transportation, MHI is able to deliver items in large sizes.
With a total of 650 employees, including 48 technicians, 8 senior engineers and more than 550 workers, MHI has a professional team including estimation, marketing & sales, quality assurance, safety, procurement, detailing and processing, project management, fabrication and assembly, painting and packing. A scientific written management system with clear job responsibility instruction was established to achieve the goal that every employee could give full play to their potential. Chinese-English working environment makes MHI smoothly dedicating its international services.
The total area of MHI is 110,000㎡ and among them 60,000 ㎡ is under-cover areas, including the factory building with an area of more than 46,000 ㎡, while others are open areas like storage yard, pre-assembly yard and packing yard. This factory is designed to AISC standard and will mainly focus on international standard projects. MHI can perform steel structure fabrication and supply materials in according to various standards including AISC/ASTM, BS/EN, JIS, AS, CWB and GOST; for your projects. The maximum capacity is expected to reach up to 55,000 tons per year.
MHI is serving for worldwide clients and has experiences in supplying products to USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and domestic China etc; and our market is continuing to expand all the time.

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